Unveiling the Opportunities: Yenching Academy Of Peking University Scholarship

Amid the dynamic landscape of global education, the Yenching Academy of Peking University Scholarship stands as a beacon of academic excellence and cross-cultural exploration. This fully funded scholarship offers an exclusive gateway for aspiring scholars, fostering a community where diverse minds converge to unravel the complexities of China's interdisciplinary studies.

Dedicated to advancing global understanding of China, the Yenching Academy of Peking University Scholarship stands as a testament to the institution's commitment to fostering a vibrant community of scholars. With an annual intake of approximately 120 students from both the Chinese Mainland and around the world, this prestigious scholarship provides a transformative academic journey. Guided by the principles of interdisciplinary exploration, the Yenching Academy cultivates an environment where international perspectives merge, enabling students to engage deeply with China's complex historical, social, and cultural dimensions.

As we delve into the details, the scholarship's holistic approach to learning and community-building becomes evident, reflecting the institution's dedication to nurturing future leaders with a profound understanding of China's past and present. We will also present you with the essence of this remarkable opportunity, outlining the eligibility criteria, application process, and the profound impact it holds for those with a keen interest in delving into the multifaceted realm of Chinese academia.

Eligibility And Qualifications

The Yenching Academy of Peking University Scholarship sets exacting standards to ensure a cohort of dedicated and accomplished scholars. These requisites are the foundational framework for selecting accomplished individuals who will thrive within the Academy's multidisciplinary environment.


A. Academic Attainment

  • Prospective candidates must possess a minimum of a Bachelor's degree, demonstrating academic prowess and a commitment to scholastic achievement.


  • Those currently pursuing a degree program are eligible, provided they are projected to complete their studies by August 31, 2024.

B. Outstanding Academic Record

  • An exceptional academic track record underscores the candidate's dedication to learning and intellectual growth.


  • High academic achievement serves as a testament to the candidate's ability to excel in rigorous academic settings.

C. Interdisciplinary Interest In China

  • The Yenching Academy places a premium on candidates with a strong passion for the interdisciplinary exploration of China's history, society, and culture.


  • An eagerness to delve into multifaceted facets of China enriches the Academy's vibrant academic community.

Extracurricular Achievement And Community Engagement

  • Demonstrated excellence in extracurricular pursuits, such as community engagement, leadership roles, and social responsibility, highlights a well-rounded candidate.


  • Engagement beyond the classroom underscores the candidate's commitment to effecting positive change.

E. English Proficiency

  • Proficiency in English is imperative, given the international composition of the Yenching Academy's student body.


  • Strong English skills facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among students of diverse linguistic backgrounds.

F. Prohibition Of Concurrent Degree Programs

  • Peking University's stipulation against enrolling in other degree programs while benefiting from the scholarship ensures complete immersion in the Yenching experience.


  • This prohibition underscores the Academy's dedication to crafting an intensive, focused, and all-encompassing academic journey.

Collectively, these eligibility criteria and qualifications form the cornerstone of the Yenching Academy Scholarship's selection process. The Academy seeks individuals who embody intellectual curiosity, multidisciplinary dedication, and a fervent commitment to cross-cultural understanding.

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Application Process

Prospective applicants are encouraged to meticulously adhere to the outlined steps, ensuring a comprehensive and compelling submission.

A. Online Application Portal

  • Candidates initiate the process by accessing the Yenching Academy's online application portal.


  • The portal serves as the primary platform for submitting all required materials and documents.

B. Required Application Materials

  • Completed Online Application Form: Applicants must accurately and comprehensively fill out the online application form, providing essential personal and educational details.

  • Personal Statement (750 words or less): A succinct, yet impactful statement outlining the applicant's background, aspirations, and alignment with the Yenching Academy's interdisciplinary focus.

  • Statement of Research Interest (maximum 1500 words, excluding citations): A comprehensive exposition of the applicant's research interests, detailing how their academic pursuits align with the scholarship's objectives.

  • Curriculum Vitae: A comprehensive resume showcasing academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, work experience, and other relevant accomplishments.

  • Official Transcript(s): Transcripts from all academic institutions attended, providing a comprehensive overview of the candidate's educational journey.

  • Diploma(s) or Certificate(s) of Enrollment: Documentation confirming the candidate's degree completion status or ongoing enrollment.

  • Two Academic Letters of Recommendation: Letters attesting to the applicant's academic prowess, character, and potential for contributing to the Yenching community.

C. English Proficiency Test Scores

Non-native English speakers must provide English proficiency test scores as outlined below:

  • IELTS (Academic): Overall 7.0 

  • TOEFL (iBT): Overall 100

  • Cambridge English Scale (Advanced): Overall 185


  • CET 6: Overall 600


  • TEM 4: Pass level of “良好” or above

Scores must be sent directly to the Yenching Academy from the respective testing organizations.

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D. Exception For English Proficiency

Applicants whose native language is English or who have graduated from English-taught degree programs may be exempt from providing English proficiency test scores.

Specific guidelines are in place for applicants from Chinese regions, ensuring fairness and consistency.

E. Submission And Contact Information

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all required materials are submitted accurately and in accordance with the stated guidelines.

Clear and precise contact information aids in seamless communication throughout the application process.


The Yenching Academy of Peking University Scholarship offers a transformative pathway for individuals driven by a fervent curiosity for interdisciplinary exploration of China. Through a rigorous selection process, the Academy identifies scholars who exhibit exceptional academic prowess, cross-cultural engagement, and a dedication to deepening their understanding of China's complexities. The Yenching Academy's commitment to academic excellence and cross-cultural collaboration ensures that its scholars emerge as ambassadors of informed discourse on China's intricate tapestry.


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