2023/2024 Honjo Scholarship In Japan For Foreign Students

The Honjo Scholarship extends its gracious embrace to international scholars who aspire to undertake doctoral or master's studies at APU's esteemed Graduate School. This distinguished opportunity transcends geographical boundaries, allowing applications from across the globe. Candidates who have secured admission to APU's Graduate School are invited to submit their applications from their home countries.

The Honjo Scholarship is a beacon of equity that reflects APU's conviction that brilliance knows no boundaries. Irrespective of their origins, aspiring scholars are given an equitable opportunity to harness their potential through this scholarship. The scholarship’s embrace of diverse research interests and multicultural perspectives resonates with the internationalism that Japan and APU epitomize. Notably, this scholarship uniquely enables direct application to the foundation, bypassing any pre-selection process by APU.



The Honjo Scholarship extends its support on a monthly basis, spanning the duration essential for the completion of your chosen degree program. The scholarship amount is tailored to the program's timeline, as outlined below:


  • For degree programs spanning 1 to 2 years, a monthly scholarship of ¥210,000 will be provided.


  • Degree programs that encompass 3 years are accompanied by a monthly scholarship of ¥190,000.


  • For degree paths spanning 4 to 5 years, a monthly scholarship of ¥160,000 will be granted.

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Qualification Criteria

Applying for Honjo Scholarship requires meeting these straightforward eligibility benchmarks:

  • International Outlook: The scholarship warmly welcomes candidates who do not hold Japanese citizenship. This ensures a global exchange of ideas within the APU community.


  • Admission Status: Whether you're already an admitted applicant or currently in the application process for APU's master's or doctoral degree programs, your dedication is recognized and valued.


  • Language Proficiency: Conversational proficiency in the Japanese language is sought, allowing you to seamlessly integrate into the academic and cultural tapestry of APU.


  • Age-Related Milestones: For prospective Master's students, embarking on the master's program by the age of 30 is a pivotal criterion. Similarly, aspiring Doctoral candidates must initiate the doctoral program before reaching the age of 35. These age-related guidelines ensure a vibrant academic community brimming with diverse perspectives.

Application And Selection

The path to securing the Honjo Scholarship is straightforward, encompassing a few essential steps that pave the way for your academic journey.

  • Step 1: Dual Application Approach

To initiate your pursuit of the Honjo Scholarship, a two-fold application process is paramount. Begin by submitting applications to both APU and the scholarship organization directly.


  • Step 2: Accessing Eligibility

Before embarking on your application, ensure that you meet the scholarship's eligibility criteria. This ensures a seamless progression through the process.


  • Step 3: Navigating The Online Application System

Engage with the "online application system" to start your formal application. Within this intuitive platform, you'll encounter an application form awaiting your input.


  • Step 4: Furnishing Essential Details

Complete the application form diligently, providing accurate and essential information about yourself and your aspirations. Attach the stipulated files and documents that substantiate your academic journey.


  • Step 5: A Window to Your Research Vision

A distinctive feature, commencing from the 2023 Fall program, involves a brief video presentation. In this succinct two-minute video, you're provided an invaluable opportunity to articulate your research pursuits and aspirations. This multimedia component offers a window into your academic vision.


  • Step 6: Submission And Confirmation

With your application materials duly attached and the video component prepared, submit your application. Upon submission, a unique application number will be generated, signifying your successful progress within the process. Additionally, a PDF version of your application form will be created. It's prudent to safeguard this PDF document, as it holds significance when the results are disseminated on the scholarship organization's website.


Elevate your academic journey with the Honjo Scholarship, where inclusivity, support, and global engagement converge to shape a brighter future at APU.

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