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Travel - How To Get Over Travel Anxiety

Travel - How To Get Over Travel Anxiety

It is okay to feel anxious when traveling, especially if you are going to a place for the very first time. There are so many beliefs revolving around being nervous when traveling to a new place. Some people see it as a sign of good fortune while others take it to mean otherwise. Nevertheless, traveling to a new place is a fun thing to do.

Travel anxiety can worsen if not properly handled. These series of restless feelings can grow to become bigger issues with notable physical symptoms like acute migraine, high blood pressure, and symptoms alike. So many people often neglect these symptoms under the guise that they will pass. They will if you do the right things beforehand as travel anxiety plays a key role in determining how enjoyable your trip and stay in your new place would be.


One shouldn’t confuse travel anxiety for just simple butterfly experiences before a new start. Having typical butterflies before a new start is no big deal, but travel anxiety can ruin the whole experience.

Travel Anxiety

If you are going to overcome travel anxiety, it is best to start by understanding the term and concept.

Travel anxiety is a feeling or sense of fear, anxiousness, uneasiness, or discomfort about moving to a new place unfamiliar to one. These feelings can arise from various factors like the thought of being away from your loved ones or home, the fear of not knowing anyone in your new place, or the inability to communicate effectively in the common language of the place.

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Most travel anxieties stem from disturbing past travel experiences or uncomfortable memories over the years. A range of things can ignite these worries. Some of the common symptoms of travel anxiety travelers could experience include headaches, elevated blood pressure, heightened sensitivity, physical and emotional distress, and nervousness.

Even seasoned travelers at some point experience travel anxiety. For a more effective way to get over travel anxiety always seek the attention of your medical doctor or therapist. Now, let’s get started on some of the ways you can adopt to overcome travel anxiety.

Ways To Overcome Travel Anxiety

If you are having issues overcoming travel anxiety, you might want to follow these steps carefully. Although some are general travel tips to guide you in your new place, they are very effective in controlling travel anxiety.

1.    Plan For Essential Needs

Early preparation helps to eliminate any cause for worries during travels. Get a list of all the things you would need and work towards getting them ready. You can also seek the assistance of a friend or colleague you can rely on for support in case of any emergency.

Preparations like this can help you relax knowing that there is someone out there looking out for you.

2.    Identify Your Triggers

This is very important if you are going to succeed in controlling or eliminating your travel anxiety. Various factors can trigger travel anxiety. Making a list of your potential triggers can help you navigate through them.

Most travel anxieties are triggered by the feeling of loss resulting from a communication barrier, custom, or the atmosphere of a new place. Travel anxiety triggers affect people in different ways, so it is best to make a list of yours and possible solutions to guide you.

3.    Conduct A Full Self-Checkup

You can never be too sure about the things you are letting slide that could pose a threat to your comfort. Cross-examine yourself with questions regarding your travel to see if there is something that might trigger your anxiety.

Do not rush the process as this might be the defining point of your travel to a new place.

4.    Calm Your Mind Of All Stress

Stress is one of the primary causes of anxiety. There are so many stress relief techniques that you can adopt to ease your mind. If you practice yoga, then it is a plus. There are a couple of yoga poses that are very good for calming the mind and body.

The movement-free meditation is one important yoga pose that can help relieve you of your stress, lower your heart rate and relax your thoughts. Aside from yoga practices, do that which keeps your mind at peace and free from worries.

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5.    Outline Your Physical Symptoms Related To Anxiety And Seek Help

The symptoms of anxiety can come in different ways for different people, but you should be able to know when it has become critical and needs medical attention or help alike.

As already mentioned, the common symptoms include headache, high blood pressure, discomfort, and nervousness. If any of these symptoms prove to be threatening to life at any point, please seek medical attention.

6.    Create A Music Playlist

You will be amazed at the wonderful things good music can do to the mind. Just like yoga, music is very good at calming the mind.

Create a playlist that meets the yearnings of your mind. It could be classics, rhythmic EDM, POP, or some soothing harmonies. Whatever does the magic, stick to it.

7.    Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise helps to unburden the mind and calm your nerves. Taking a routine brisk walk, a good swim, or simple stretches in the open with room for fresh air can help put your mind to rest.

Whatever exercise routine you decide to adopt, it is okay. The most important thing is that you take in enough fresh air and relax your mind.

8.    Write Down Fond Memories

Having a journal of your fond memories can help you in countering negative thoughts that might trigger your anxiety.

Aside from that, writing is a great way to overcome stress. Most travelers with travel anxiety issues take up writing, drawing, or digital recording as a way of curbing their anxieties. Whatever works for you, stick to it.

9.    Get Your Mind Off The Obvious

It is no good worrying over what you have little or no chance of fixing. This might seem a little contradictory. The truth is that to get over some disturbing issues, you need to focus on something else. It doesn’t mean the other one goes away, but it gives you room to plan and do the fixing.

Games are very good in such situations. Some people might prefer reading books, taking a good swim, dancing, or taking a trip to a zoo or museum to help them take their minds off the obvious situations they have little control over at the moment.  

10.    Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of the outlined travel anxiety control techniques mentioned earlier, you must seek the services of your medical doctor or therapist. These professionals are trained to evaluate your anxiety issues and proffer possible solutions to them. Share with them every detail regarding your anxiety for a better solution.


Travel anxiety is not the end of the road to your dreams of seeing the world. Prominent people from across the world still experience issues like this, but find a way to pull through.

The feelings surrounding travel can be a little overwhelming, especially a trip to an unfamiliar place. Nevertheless, you can get through it if you follow the abovementioned steps. Make that journey of yours today! 

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