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10 Countries Where You Can Easily Obtain A Work Visa

10 Countries Where You Can Easily Obtain A Work Visa

There are tons of job opportunities in different parts of the world, so you don’t need to limit your career objectives and technical skills to just the borders of your home country. You should learn to dream beyond the shores of your home because most countries are willing to bring in the best minds with competent skills and qualifications to help them boost the state of their economy. Have you been looking for a way to travel abroad? Getting a job abroad may be a good option for you. It is one of the best ways to immigrate to a new country and live comfortably. Nevertheless, you need a work visa to achieve this goal. 

The process of obtaining a work visa is not a daunting task, especially if you meet all the requirements which by the way are dependent on your country or location. You must research all that you will be required to provide when applying for a work visa in a foreign country. different countries have their specific requirements, so it is not wise to assume it is the same for all countries.


Overview Of Work Visa Application

The process involved in applying for a work visa is mainly dependent on your location of application, nationality, and the requirements of the country you intend to go to. Most countries will require that you provide the following:

  • A valid passport.
  • A valid job offer.
  • Sponsorship (A permanent resident or citizen of the country you are going to).
  • Proof of finance.
  • A police clearance

For more information about the documents that you will need to submit during your application, you can visit the embassy of the country you intend to go to or visit their website.

Online work visa application is very easy. Countries with an eVisa application process offer step-by-step guides to assist applicants during their visa application. The process is a lot easier if you already have a job offer from the country you intend to go to. You can ask your employer to help facilitate the application process and approval by submitting the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

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10 Countries To Get A Work Visa Easily

As earlier stated, different countries have unique requirements that you are expected to meet before they can issue you a work visa. Nevertheless, the process of obtaining a work visa in the following countries is very easy.


1.    New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best countries where you can easily get a work visa. This country is known to have so many interesting places that lure thousands of expatriates from across the world. There are different categories of work visas offered in New Zealand. People (Americans especially) aged between 18 – 30 years are offered working holiday visas that can span up to a year, although there are conditions attached. Other work visas issued are skill-based, you must possess a viable skill that suits a work description or meets the skill assessment test.

Popular job types found in New Zealand include jobs in service industries, hospitality management, tourism, and telecommunication. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as the country has a lot of attractive places that appeal to tourists from different parts of the world.

2.    The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful country with an amazing economy, room for business growth, and an excellent environment for all kinds of businesses. If you are looking to start up a new business or promote a product abroad, the Netherlands is an ideal place to start.

Obtaining a work visa in the Netherlands is very easy. As a foreign entrepreneur in this country, you can get a one-year residency to set up your business after which you can apply for a self-employed work permit. All these processes are very smooth and easy provided you meet all the requirements. Always do your research to know what you will be required to provide. If at any point you get confused, you can get a visa agent or visit the embassy for more information. Startup entrepreneurs and innovators will find the Netherlands very ideal for the growth of their businesses.

3.    Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful country with rich history and an amazing culture. This country is very accommodating, and its environment is conducive to conducting various businesses. Cambodia is one of the best and easiest places in the world to obtain a work visa.

Note that for you to work legally in the country, you will need to get a work permit aside from your work visa. Another important thing about obtaining a work visa in Cambodia is that the renewal process is very easy. Common jobs in Cambodia include freelancing, teaching, hospitality and tourism jobs, and some remote jobs.


4.    Germany

The German economy is among the strongest in the world. The country is open to people of all races with competent skills and qualifications that can help to improve its economy. Germany offers various work visas including the “artist visa” specifically for self-employed entrepreneurs with clear-cut business plans.

Students who are looking to study abroad should consider going to Germany as they stand the chance of getting a work permit even as a student. Also, work visas are offered to students in Germany upon completion of their study programs. Note that there are certain requirements that you will be expected to meet to qualify.

There are lots of job offers in Germany, but the most popular are jobs in engineering and technology, health, and hospitality.

5.    Ireland

Ireland is one beautiful country where you can easily immigrate without going through a lot of hassle. The country is very welcoming and offers plenty of job opportunities to both locals and foreigners. Apart from the ease of securing a work visa in Ireland, the country is also one of the easiest countries to get dual citizenship provided you have an ancestral linkage to the country. Most Americans explore this path to get their dual citizenship.

Obtaining a work visa in Ireland is very easy, especially if you have a specific work skill that fits the need of the country. If you are a student or a recent graduate from one of the country’s universities, you can easily get a working holiday visa. Unlike most countries, the work visa application in Ireland comes with no age limitations.

Cities like Dublin, Cork, and Limerick offer plenty of job opportunities in sectors like education, hospitality management, tourism, and the service industries. There are so many interesting places to visit in Ireland and the citizens of the country are very accommodating. 

6.    China

China is one of the countries with the best economy in the world. The country is greatly improving in all its sectors and is in search of competent and skilled individuals from around the globe to assist in maintaining these developments.

Getting a work visa in China is very easy, especially for English teachers with certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). There are other job offers in the country, but the demand for English teachers continues to rise. If you consider taking a teaching job abroad, China is one of the perfect destinations for you.

7.    Singapore

You must have heard so many interesting things about this wonderland, the truth is Singapore is everything and more that you must have heard. There are so many beautiful places that you can explore in Singapore that will leave you dazzled.

Aside from its perfect beauty, Singapore is considered one of the world’s largest financial hubs which continues to draw people of all races and backgrounds to itself. Obtaining a work visa in Singapore is less stressful compared to other countries. You can get a work visa for up to 6 months as a foreigner and the working holiday visa which is specifically for recent university graduates and undergraduates in any of their universities is very easy to get. 

Singapore has a welcoming environment that most expatriates find very comfortable. You might want to pursue a career in Singapore as there are lots of job opportunities. Common jobs in Singapore include teaching, IT, hospitality, and health.

8. South Korea

There are lots of high-paying jobs in South Korea. Many foreigners who are looking to improve their financial status immigrate to this country given the country’s high salary rate.

South Korea offers a very safe living environment. The country is well-advanced in technology, engineering, and medicine. There are also lots of job offers in these sectors for individuals with competent skills and qualifications.

Getting a work visa in this country is quite easy once you meet all the requirements. You might want to work with a visa agent to help guide and facilitate the visa application process.

One of the commonest jobs you will find in South Korea is teaching the English language. English teachers in South Korea are paid Handsomely, especially if they have TEFL certification.

9.    The Czech Republic

Immigrating to the Czech Republic in search of jobs is very easy. First, you can decide to get a work visa in your home country before immigrating or travel to the country using a travel visa and afterward look for a job. Either way, you will be required to meet all the working criteria in the country before you will be allowed to work.

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with rich history and culture. Its capital city, Prague, has been constantly compared to Paris. It is seen as one of the most beautiful cities to visit in the world. A tour around this country will leave you dazzled.

There are lots of job opportunities in the Czech Republic that foreigners can undertake. Jobs in information and communication technology, hospitality, tourism, health, and education abound in this country. 

10.    Canada

Canada has one of the world's best economies. Immigrants are fast making this country their preferred destination. Whether you are looking for a sound education or simply looking for a career path to pursue, Canada is the ideal country for you. 

Canada is a multicultural country. There is hardly any discrimination against people of different religions, backgrounds, or races. The country has various immigration programs designed to bring competent skilled workers from different parts of the world into the country. If you are a skilled worker in any field, you might want to look up available jobs in Canada.

Obtaining a work visa in Canada is very easy, especially if you have a job offer from a Canadian employer resident in the country. It is important to note that you must meet all the requirements stipulated during the visa application to enable you to work legally in the country. Canadian visas are quite affordable, and the process is easier when compared to most countries.

Canada has a very welcoming environment for startup entrepreneurs. Individuals with skills in nursing, engineering, IT, hospitality management, accounting, and welding fall under the category of jobs in high demand in the country.


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