10 Best Schools To Study In The World

10 Best Schools To Study In The World

Education is one thing in the world that can never go extinct, it is an everyday thing. There are countless opportunities attached to being educated. Students all over the world are usually faced with the challenge of picking the right school to provide them with the best quality education. The truth is that there are several schools in the world, but if you are looking for a future filled with limitless opportunities and endless recognition then you might want to take a  look at these world-class schools.


Benefits Of Studying In World-Class Universities

The benefits of studying in one of the world-class universities are endless. You get the chance to:

  • Develop your skills and build a solid foundation that can boost your career locally and internationally.
  • Integrate with prominent figures, build a strong network of high-profile people as well as improve your recommendation status.
  • Gain access to the best facilities to enhance your learning.
  • Gain a globally recognized status that can land you a high-paying job anywhere in the world




Below are 10 world-class schools dedicated to providing students from all over the world with the best quality education there is. Students are engaged in streams of research, exposed to quality teachings from renowned academics, and provided with the best learning environment to enhance their skills.

These schools have been ranked based on their quality of education. Details of their acceptance rate, tuition fees, and graduation quota have been provided as well. 

10 Best Universities Where You Can Study In The World

These schools have been ranked based on the quality of education, graduation quota, acceptance rate, learning environment, and other important educational factors.

1.    Harvard University

It is safe to say that Harvard University is the dream of most students across the world. This university has an extraordinary reputation that sets it apart from the rest of the universities in the world. Harvard University was established as far back as 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is the first higher education institution established in the US and has since gone to be a world-renowned university that very few universities measure up to.

The quality of education at Harvard University is top-notch. The school has a very strong affiliation with extraordinary talents. So many prominent figures in the world have been found to have studied at this prestigious university.

Over 20% of Harvard’s Students are international students from across the world. It is only right as an international student if you consider this university your preferred destination of study. However, you must endeavor to meet its requirement as admission into this school is very competitive. Harvard University over the years has maintained its number one position as the best university in the world across different universities’ rankings. It is just perfect for whatever study program.

Average tuition: $54,000

Acceptance quota: 5% (highly competitive)

Graduation quota: 97%

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2.    Massachusetts Institute Of Technology (MIT)

Arguably, one can brand Massachusetts as the hub of the best schools in the world. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is another prestigious school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This university is the hub for all forms of technological advancements. So many great engineers and renowned professionals alike in the world have graced this institute.

MIT is known for its incredible impacts in engineering, architecture and planning, arts, management, and social sciences. The reputation of this school is globally recognized. There are lots of research programs in this institute, especially in technology-focused areas aimed at maintaining and improving modern technology and sciences across the world.

You should note that MIT is a very dedicated school focused on bringing out the very best in its students. Only freshmen are provided with accommodation on the school’s campus. Lastly, all course programs are conducted using the English language.

Average tuition: $53,800

Acceptance quota: 7% (highly competitive)

Graduation quota: 94%

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3.    Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the best schools in the world to study. This top-notch university was founded in 1885, in California, USA. Just like other top universities in the world, Stanford University has one of the best facilities to equip students and prepare them for post-graduation activities while exhuming a high level of competence.

There are only seven schools at this university – Engineering, Earth Sciences, Humanities and Sciences, Business, Law, Medicine, and Education. Only three (Engineering, Earth Sciences, and Humanities and Sciences) out of these seven schools offer graduate and undergraduate studies. The other schools only offer graduate courses.

Just like MIT, Stanford University provides accommodation only for freshmen at the undergraduate level. This allows the school to shape the minds of the students and prepare them for future studies.

Average tuition: $56,200

Acceptance rate: 4% (highly competitive)

Graduation: 94% 

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4.    University Of California (Berkeley)

The University of California, Berkeley, is by far one of the best universities in the world to study. The school boasts of high-standard learning facilities designed to equip students and improve their level of competence to undertake any form of duty wherever they find themselves.

 This university is one of the oldest universities established in the US. It was established in the year 1868 and has since grown to produce some of the finest professionals the world has ever seen. There are over 340 degree programs that cut across 14 colleges which students can choose to study at this university.

 Engineering, Business Administration, Psychology, political science, economics, and computer sciences are some of the major programs offered by this university that students can choose from. International students are highly welcomed to this university as over 15% of the school’s population comprises international students from across the world. 

There are so many research programs for students at this university. It is credited to this school that some of the periodic elements discovered are a result of some of the research conducted here. Students will gain a lot of beautiful experiences from this university. Also, you get the chance to live on campus or off campus regardless of your study program or year.

Average tuition: $14, 300 (in-state), $44,000 (out-of-state)

 Acceptance quota: 17%

Graduation quota: 92%

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5.    University Of Oxford

Many students across the world hold the prestigious university in high esteem. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you because this school has produced some of the finest minds and professionals in the world. The reputation of this school is globally recognized.

Oxford University is undoubtedly one of the best schools to study in the world. The history of this school can be traced as far back as 1096 when it was established in Northwest London, United Kingdom. This makes it the oldest university to have been established in any English-speaking country. Since its establishment, the school has grown to nurture some of the best minds in the world who have contributed immensely to the growth and well-being of many nations.

The school focuses more on research revolving around mathematics, physical and life sciences, humanities, social sciences, and medicine. There are about 38 colleges with different degree study 

programs that students can choose to study at this university.

Average tuition: $15,350 (in-state), $34,750 (out-of-state)

Acceptance quota: 17.5%

Graduation quota: 99.5%

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6.    Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the most highly-ranked universities in the world with an incredible standard of education and teaching facilities. This school is highly research-oriented. Over the years a lot of international students have made this school their preferred study destination.

This University, established in 1754 in New York, United States, is one of the most beautiful places to study in the world. The learning environment is perfect for students and the city of New York holds some of the most interesting spots in the world that will thrill students who come here to study.

Columbia University has produced so many renowned professionals in areas like business, law, and medicine. These achievements have since earned the school a global reputation over the years.

Average tuition: $64,400

Acceptance quota: 5%

Graduation quota: 95%

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7.    California Institute Of Technology

The California Institute of Technology formerly Throop University has risen through the ranks to become of the best schools in the world. This school established in 1891 has a strong focus on science and engineering programs. Over the years it has produced renowned professionals and has improved tremendously in its standard of education.

Students looking to undertake any of these study majors – biology, engineering, mathematics, physics, humanities, astronomy, and chemistry, should consider taking a course at this university. The university’s study environment is excellent, and students are made to engage in a lot of research work.

There are over 45 research institutes at this university, so feel free to identify with what interests you. Again, only freshmen are provided with accommodation on campus.

Average tuition: $56,900

Acceptance quota: 6%

Graduation quota: 92%

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8.    University Of Washington

This prestigious university has produced so many world-renowned professionals since its establishment in 1861. Located in the capital city of the US, Seattle, Washington.

The University of Washington has over 360 degree programs designed to meet the various educational needs across the world. Students studying at this university get the opportunity to explore the capital city of the US and learn about its history. 

It is important to note that the cost of living off-campus can be very expensive, especially for non-residents of the state.

Average tuition: $12,100 (in-state), $39,500 (out-of-state) 

Acceptance quota: 52%

Graduation quota: 84%

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9.    University Of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the best schools in the world to study. This school has maintained a high profile over the years since its establishment in 1209. The standard of learning in this university is top-notch and there are lots of standard facilities and research programs designed to enhance the skills, confidence, and competence of students.

The University of Cambridge has six reputable schools – Arts and Humanities, Clinical sciences, technology, physical sciences, humanities and social sciences, and biological sciences, that have produced competent professionals in these fields over the years. 

Note that the University of Cambridge runs a three-semester program – Fall, Winter, and Spring. Also, non-EU should expect their tuition to be higher than EU students.

Average tuition: $16,300

Acceptance quota: 21%

Graduation quota: 98.8%

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10.    John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University is a privately owned university established in 1876 in Columbia, USA. This school has produced some renowned professionals, especially in the medical field.

The University’s Homewood campus located in Baltimore is where its undergraduate courses are offered. The school is known to have affiliates in Italy and China. John Hopkins University is very ideal for international students from different races or backgrounds as its core focus is on improving the competence level of students.

There are nine reputable schools in this university – public health, medicine, engineering, nursing, education, international studies, art and sciences, and business, that students can choose to study. Note that only undergraduate students are provided with accommodation on campus for the first two years of the study programs.

Average tuition: $57,100

Acceptance quota: 10%

Graduation quota: 93%

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