Travel - Top 7 Reasons To Visit Spain

Spain is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. It is no surprise that the country stands as the second most visited country in the world given its delicious cuisines, beautiful culture, stunning nature, and astonishing architecture. Spain is beautiful in every way, and each city has a uniqueness about it that thrills visitors.

If you consider exploring Europe someday, it will not be a bad idea to start with Spain. The astonishing beauty of this country will blow your mind.


Reasons To Visit Spain

1.   Camino de Santiago

One of the best places in Spain that continues to lure tourists from all over the world is the Camino de Santiago. This fascinating spot in Spain renowned for long-distance hikes is a perfect place to rediscover one’s self.

The Camino is a collection of different routes which leads to the beautiful town of Santiago de Compostela in the northwestern region of Spain. These were major routes for early Christians when they went on pilgrimages or visited St. James's tomb in Santiago.

Camino is known to be one of the favorite spots in Spain, with thousands of tourists vising the site every year to take a walk through the Camino. There are different routes on the Camino, you can start from anywhere you deem comfortable, take a walk for a day, or even for a month depending on your plans.

Another interesting thing about visiting the Camino is that it opens up a new world of its own for you, immersing you in its beauty while dazzling you with the beautiful sceneries and cultures of Spain. You will find whatever you are looking for to come alive here.


2.    Amazing Beaches

Spain is one of the finest countries in Europe with beautiful beaches and islands scattered across. The country has beautiful coasts bordering both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic making it a perfect spot for travelers to enjoy the cool beauty of nature.

The famous Spanish island, Ibiza, is renowned for its endless party lifestyle that runs all day. The Playa D’en Bossa beach hosts all-day-long parties to thrill their customers and tourists from all over the world. There is a unique atmosphere attributed to each island in Spain. Mallorca island and Menorca island are excellent for family vacations and getaways for couples.

 Looking for something affordable with incredible scenery and atmosphere, then you should visit Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, or the Canary Islands. There are lots of amazing beaches that will suit your budget plans. 

These beaches in Spain are not just for relaxation and sunbathing, there are lots of fun activities that one can engage in as well. Activities like surfing, sailing, skiing, and diving are very common on some of these beaches. So, you need to open your mind to all forms of fun to enjoy these places.

3.    Astounding Architecture

Very few countries can rival Spain when it comes to astounding structures and architecture. There are so many renowned architectural designs in the country that has fascinated the world. The famous Antoni Gaudi is a great elemental figure in the design of the most beautiful structures found in Barcelona. Some of his best buildings in this city include the famous Sagrada Familia and Casa Batllo. Antoni Gaudi also pioneered the design of other famous buildings across Spain.

You can’t take in all the beauty of this country. The uniqueness and amazing structures across the country are forever new. A tour through the country will leave you dazzled. There are so many impressive buildings, especially churches with incredible designs. The Gothic-style Cathedral of Saint Mary, the Baroque-style Cathedral of Granada, and the Moorish-style Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba are but a few beautiful buildings to mention.

Another amazing structure in the country that continue to lure tourist is the beautiful Islamic structure – of the Alhambra. It stands as one of the most visited spots in the country. Other notable places to see are the sprawling fortress and palace in Granada.

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4.    World-Museums

If you are a fan of art, then going to Spain should be one of your top goals. Spain has some of the finest museums in the world with rich history and beautiful art. This should come as no surprise given the fact that some of the world’s renowned art visionaries, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso were born in this country.

Dali Museum-theatre in Catalonia and Figueres, and the Picasso Museum located in Barcelona are some of the museums in the country where one can enjoy beautiful arts and get to learn about these great visionaries. The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, the Valencia Modern Art Institute, and the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao are other interesting museums that tourists will find fascinating given their rich history and art.

The capital city of Spain, Madrid, is not excluded from the beauty of the arts. There are several major museums in the city that boast a rich history, art, and other things of interest to you will find. The renowned Golden Triangle of Art located at the heart of the city holds three of the finest museums in the city – the Reina Sofia Museum, The Prado Museum, and The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. For specific interests, you can visit the Computer History Museum in Caceres or the Leather Museum of Ubrique.

5.    Vibrant Fiestas

There are so many great festivals celebrated across Spain. Festival celebration is an integral part of each community in Spain, the citizens see it as an avenue to promote their culture and enjoy quality time with friends and families.

Uniquely, every town seems to have its own festival with most having religious connotations. These festival celebrations in Spain take place all year-round giving room for travelers to get a feel of their culture.

Spanish festivals are amazing with unique originality that is quite fascinating. The famous Pamplona Bull Run and La Tomatina are a few incredible festivals that will leave you awed. Other amazing cultural rituals and festivals to look out for include the Arizkun festival and The Haro Wine Festival.

6.    Delicious Cuisines

You can’t mention Spain without talking about the delicious cuisines in the country. A walk through the streets in Spain will leave one salivating at the sight of delicious local foods.

Spanish tapas is one of the most widely consumed foods across the world. In the US especially, tapas restaurants have since recorded tremendous growth in their sales given the rate of consumption.

Spain is one of the highest producers of wine in the world. For the records, the country stands as the third-largest wine producer. Large areas of the country are given to growing grapes and wine production.

Spain has all the beautiful local cuisines to meet your taste.


7.    Multicultural

Spain is a multicultural country with different regions having their unique culture and sometimes distinct language. It is like experiencing the different cultures of the world all in one. The most noticeable cultures with a distinct approach to the common Spanish culture are the Catalonia and Basque cultures. The Catalonians predominant in Barcelona have a unique language – Catalan, which is different from Spanish. 

There are also immigrants from other countries who have since integrated into the country and have become integral to the country’s growth.