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Easy Steps To Follow When Applying For A Canadian Visa

Easy Steps To Follow When Applying For A Canadian Visa

Canada is a beautiful country to live in. There are so many amazing things in the country that will interest you, from beautiful landscapes to outstanding infrastructures put in place to meet the needs of the people.

The country has a stable economy with excellent healthcare and educational system that lure millions of people from all over the world to it. Several immigration programs have been put in place by the Canadian government to assist foreigners from across the world with competent skills and qualifications to come into the country.


Canada is renowned for being very accommodating. Every year, the country welcomes thousands of people who have immigrated to the country for one reason or the other. Places like Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are mostly occupied by immigrants. You will find it very easy to get along in these areas.

The process of immigrating to a foreign country can be a bit stressful, especially if you don’t know your way around the process. Canada has a lot of immigration programs to suit different people depending on their skills, qualifications, and intent of going to the country. There are certain steps you need to follow to avoid complications during your visa application. The below steps will guide you to get your Canadian visa easily.

Steps To Get A Canadian Visa

  • Identify Your Visa Type

The first steps to getting your Canadian Visa are to understand the visa type that suits you and to check if you are eligible. This can be done by visiting the IRCC website. Also, you will need to know the relevant documents needed for the application, the duration of the visa application, and possible fees to pay.

For more detailed guidelines always visit the Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada’s(IRCC) website.

  • Start Your Application

There are two basic ways to follow when applying for a Canadian visa. You can go with the offline method where you will need to download the visa application form, fill it out, print it, and take it to the Visa Application Centre for submission or you can simply go with the online application where you have to fill out the form and submit it directly to IRCC website.

Ensure to provide all the documents relevant to your category of application. In cases where any needed document is not available, you will have to fill out a waiver form, sign it, and attach it to your visa application form. For a more efficient application process, carefully study the details of the form, read the privacy policy, and fill out the consent form. This will hasten the application process.

  • Schedule An Appointment

The next step after you have applied for a visa is to book an appointment with a Visa Application Centre to collect your biometric details. This usually involves taking your fingerprints and a photo of your face.

A confirmation message will be sent to your email once you have booked your appointment. This message contains details regarding the date and venue of the appointment. Please study every detail carefully for optimum results. Families or groups of persons who have applied for Canadian Visas will have to book individual appointments with the Visa Application Centre.

Note that if you are not required to submit your biometrics, you do not need to book an appointment with a Visa Application Centre. Just provide all the relevant documents as listed on the IRCC website for your category, passport photographs, and the completed forms to the Visa Application Centre.

  • Pay Necessary Fees

There are certain fees to be paid when applying for a Canadian visa. Fees like visa application fees and biometric fees are required.

You will have to pay the visa application fee upon completion of your visa application. If you did an offline application, you can pay the fees when you go for your scheduled appointment with the Visa Application Centre.

Biometric fees are not always required especially if you weren’t required to provide one by IRCC. Again, you might be required to pay the Government of Canada Fee during your application.

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  • Visit The Visa Application Centre

Make out time to visit the Visa Application Centre, especially if you are yet to complete or submit your visa application. Provide your biometrics if you have been required to do so. 

A tracking number will be issued to you to monitor your application progress once you pay the Visa Application Centre service charge. Please adhere to every instruction given to you during your application.

  • Track Your Application

The next step is to monitor the progress of your visa application. An email will be sent regarding the decision reached on your application which you can collect from the Visa Application Centre. In cases where you can’t access your email easily, you can enquire from the Visa Application Centre when visiting to proffer an alternative to the situation.

  • Collect Your Passport

Once a decision has been reached regarding your visa application, you will be required to visit the Visa Application Centre to pick up your documents. You can use the courier if it is an available service in the Visa Application Centre.

The following will be required from you before you can pick up your decision letter from the Visa Application Centre.

  • A stamped copy of your passport’s biographic page
  • Original receipt of the Visa Application Centre service charge bearing your visa tracking number
  • A verifiable government identification  

You might also send someone to pick up your decision letter for you. Apart from the requirements stated above, the representative must provide a signed copy of the Visa Application Centre consent form bearing the name of the representative and relationship with the applicant.

Note: Endeavour to check the validity of the visa issued to you. Make sure it corresponds with the proposed date of your entry to Canada, the permitted number of entries, and the purpose of the trip. 

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