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Countries Where You Can Get Dual Citizenship Easily

Countries Where You Can Get Dual Citizenship Easily

There are so many countries around the world where you can get a second passport. Having two passports from two different countries can come in handy in the future for you, especially when there arises conflict or political instability in one of the countries.

The process of acquiring two passports can only be achieved through dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is a legal affirmation that a person is a citizen of two countries. The most common ways this can be achieved are through ancestry, marriage, or naturalization.


Dual citizenship comes with its benefits and can help you avoid a crisis that may arise in one of the countries. As a dual citizen, you have easier access to employment opportunities, investments, social services, and many other benefits attached to being a citizen of a country

As earlier stated, there are very few options attached to being a citizen in a new country. The most common is by reviewing your family tree to see if there are any ties with a foreign country. You can also become a citizen of a second country by investing in the country's economy.

Ways To Get Dual Citizenship

Are you confused about how to get your dual citizenship? then you must carefully study the below countries as the process of acquiring one is quite easy compared to other countries.


1.    Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country with over 4 million citizens located in Europe. One of the easiest ways of becoming a dual citizen in this country is through ancestry.

Once you can prove your claims that your family has ties with the country by birth or origin, you are entitled to free Irish citizenship. All you must do is apply through the Foreign Birth Register and your request will be granted.

There are several benefits attached to being a citizen of Ireland, you have the right to work and live anywhere within the EU and EEA member countries. Before you become a tax resident, you will have to live a minimum of 280 days in the country within 2 years. Due to ease in acquiring Irish Citizenship, there are over 14 million Irish passports in circulation given that the country has a population of about 4 million. Over 12% of US citizens are Irish passport holders gained through ancestry.


2.    Italy

Italy is one of the top countries in the world with excellent culture, history, and magnificent buildings. A lot of tourists often visit this country to explore some of its astonishing cities. Becoming a citizen of Italy requires that you meet some criteria.

As common with issues of dual citizenship, Italy grants citizenship to people whose ancestors originated or were given birth to in the country. However, you should know that the rules are a bit stricter than you would expect and not everyone is granted the opportunity, especially if your proofs are shallow.

Applicants who use their male ancestors as their ties with the country can pass for the country’s citizenship without limitations while those with a female ancestor may face a little challenge especially if the birth year of the female ancestor falls before 1948.

Note that there are also limitations for ancestors born in places like Venezia-Giulia, Veneto, and Trentino Alto-Adige. Once your ancestral claim has been verified, you can start the application process with a fee of $25.

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3.    Israel

Israel is a well-developed country with one of the best security networks in the world. You can become a citizen of Israel under the country’s Law of Return. The law allows Jewish people, including converts to gain access to the country. If you possess any of these affiliations, the process is very easy.

More broadly, this law applies to couples, children, and grandchildren of Jewish descent who are being oppressed or marginalized in other countries where they reside. Becoming a citizen of Israel comes with a lot of civic responsibilities. One of such responsibilities is that you must serve in the military.

Again, there are some restrictions regarding countries to visit with an Israeli passport. There are quite a few countries you can’t visit using an Israeli passport. Israel is one of the countries in the world that offers citizenship without considering the residency requirements.


4.    Paraguay

This beautiful South American country is one of the most exciting places to live. The citizens of Paraguay are kind and accommodating people. Paraguay has one of the cheapest and easiest ways of becoming a citizen in the country. 

To become a citizen of Paraguay, you need to meet a few residency requirements. First, you have to live in the country for a minimum of 183 days during your three-residency period, after which you make a deposit of $5,000 and your application is complete.

There are no fixed income requirements to become a permanent resident in Paraguay. Paraguay offers dual citizenship to people of different backgrounds regardless of their country of origin.


5.    Guatemala

The most common and easiest way of acquiring Guatemalan citizenship is by applying under the Guatemalan investment program. Generally, the residency requirements of this country are not hard to meet, their programs are inexpensive, and you can fast-track your citizenship application.

Applying under the Guatemalan investment program will require you to purchase government bonds worth $50,000, this qualifies you to immediately start your citizenship application. The investment process takes between 8 to 9 months to complete and you must be in the country for at least 25 days in the first and second years of your residency to complete the process.


6.    Dominica

Dominica is a beautiful nation on the Caribbean island with exotic views and beautiful cities. Citizens of this nation get the privilege to travel to the UK and about 50 other countries without visas given the fact that it is a commonwealth nation.

Becoming a citizen of Dominica through investment is quite inexpensive and it comes with amazing benefits as well. The minimum investment required is $100,000, including other charges. Again, you will need to get an authorized agent as a representative during the process as individuals are not permitted to submit their application request directly to the Citizenship by Investment department. This agent is to prepare and guide you throughout the application process. If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified of when you will be required to visit the unit. Please endeavor to provide all the documents needed for this application, as it can delay your application for a Dominican passport. 

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