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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying In Canada

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying In Canada

Canada is one of the best places in the world to study. The country is renowned for its excellent educational system with some of the very best schools in the world located here.

International students from different parts of the world prefer to study in Canada for one reason or the other because the quality of education they stand to gain is the best when compared to most countries. With an excellent learning environment, standard facilities, and competent teachers to tutor students, who wouldn’t want to study in Canada?


Again, Canada is a multicultural country which makes it an ideal place for foreign students to study. If you are considering going abroad to study, you should probably check some of the universities in Canada.

Below are some reasons to consider taking a study program in Canada.

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Reasons To Study In Canada

1.    Safe Community

Security is one of the fundamental components that students look out for when they are faced with the choice of selecting a country abroad to study. Canada is a safe place to live in the world. According to Numbeo statistics, Canada has a safety index of 62.42 placing above some of the big countries like the USA and Australia.

Everyone is welcome to stay in Canada provided they are ready to abstain from illegal activities. There are no racial discrimination or cultural sentiments, you are free to practice your belief without fear of being harassed. Again, the country has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and the security network of the country is top-notch. As an international student in this country, you will feel very safe as your safety is one of the top priorities in this country.

2.    Multicultural

Canada is home to people of diverse cultures and beliefs. Officially, the country’s recognized languages are French and English, but with the increase in the number of immigrants in the country, you will find many people conversing in other languages.

Canadians are very welcoming people, ready to help you achieve your purpose of coming to the country. International students will find this country very interesting as it is very open to different languages, beliefs, religions, and cultures. It is a good thing for students as they get to explore these by mingling with students from different backgrounds.

Many universities in Canada have international student advisors who are tasked with orienting international students on how to properly adjust to Canadian life or simply embrace the diversity of the international community. Canada is ranked the 7th country with the largest number of international students in the world.

3.    Job Opportunity

One interesting thing that students going to study in Canada will find is that students can work to support themselves. First, there are certain conditions that you are expected to meet before you can be allowed to work. There is nothing to worry about as the conditions are quite easy.

Work duration for students is usually 20 hours when schools are in session and full-time when on vacation. You can decide to work on-campus or off-campus depending on the type and availability of the job. International students also get the opportunity to work for up to 3 years after graduation.

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4.    Beautiful Environment

The beauty of Canada is astonishing, with lots of beautiful landscapes, terrains, beaches, and cities. Students studying in the country will find every inch of the country dazzling.

The country holds some of the best universities in the world with standard facilities and competent teachers to meet the needs of students. Also, the learning environment is very conducive for students.

5.    High-Tech Country

Canada is rapidly enhancing its tech community. The country is one of the leading countries in information technology with notable advancements in areas such as transportation, engineering, animation, telecommunication, computer software, medical devices, and so on. Canada is one of the first countries in the world to integrate schools and libraries into the internet. That’s a huge step for education.

The country’s reputation in technology keeps improving every day. As an international student, you can tap into this development to further enhance your skills. People with competent skills and knowledge in IT are highly sought in Canada. You stand a chance of getting a high-paying job upon graduation if you possess this skill.

6.    Values And Culture

Canada is very accommodating, immigrants from all over the world can uphold their beliefs and culture in the country. This development has helped create a unique and tolerant environment for people of all races and backgrounds to feel at home when they visit Canada.

International students won’t find it difficult to get along here, these diverse cultures will give them a feel of their home country.

7.    Campus Lifestyle

The lifestyle on Canadian universities’ campuses is awesome. There are so many organized programs to help internationals settle in properly. These programs create avenues for students to meet and interact, build social networks that will benefit them in the long run, and establish lasting friendships amongst themselves.

8.    Education and Scholarship

There are so many scholarship programs within Canada provided by both the Canadian government and universities that are focused on bringing foreign students with solid educational backgrounds into the country. International students can utilize this opportunity to gain access to quality education in the country.

Apart from scholarships, the tuition fees of most universities in Canada are very affordable compared to other countries. International students who are looking to gain quality education at an affordable price should consider schools in Canada.

9.    Affordable

The general cost of living in Canada is very affordable compared to other developed countries in the world. Apart from the affordable cost of education, other elements like transportation, accommodation, healthcare insurance, and food are very affordable. Compared to the US, Canada has high annual revenue and a lower cost of living.

International students studying in Canada will find this an added advantage to their plans as it will give them room to save up for other things, especially if they are working students.

10.    Immigration

Studying in Canada provides you the opportunity to become a permanent resident of the country. After graduating from your study program, you have up to 3 years within the country to decide what next step to take. You can use this period to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

The process is very simple, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada has developed suitable programs to facilitate this process for students. If you decide to further your stay in the country after graduation, then you need to explore this path.

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