Travel - 9 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Switzerland

You must have heard people talk about the beauty of Switzerland or perhaps you have read articles that center on the beauty of Switzerland. In truth, Switzerland is everything and even more than what you might have heard regarding its beauty.

This country has a thing for everyone, be it couples, a family seeking a vacation destination, or an individual seeking to have a fun time in a beautiful country. Switzerland lives up to every word of praise attributed to it. 


This article is all about the possible reasons you should consider going to Switzerland.

Reasons To Visit Switzerland

1.    Tasty Food

Several local cuisines in Switzerland will captivate travelers. Swiss cheese and chocolate are some of the most enjoyable foods for travelers who visit Switzerland. The swiss cheese is considered a peace-keeping remedy amongst them despite their differences.

Fondue is one of the most common things made in Switzerland. Oftentimes, there arises debate regarding which cheese is the best to obtain the best result. As a traveler in Switzerland, you will find so many fascinating swiss specialties that will tickle your fancy.

2.    Astounding Atmosphere

Switzerland is blessed with some of the finest mountains, lakes, and beautiful villages which makes it one of the most astonishing sites in the world to visit. Switzerland holds some of the world’s most beautiful sceneries perfect for vacations and explorations. Its atmosphere is perfect for all forms of activities.

62% of the country’s landmass is made up of high-peak Alps and mountains making it perfect for hikers. Although geographically small when compared to most countries, the country still holds some of the most beautiful sites in the world which often conflicts with travelers' choices on which to start with.

One characteristic feature of Switzerland is the uniqueness of each city in the country. Each has its unique atmosphere with beautiful landscapes and culture. Renowned cities like Zurich, Bern, Geneva, and Basel are some of the cities among others that offer beautiful sceneries, culture, and atmosphere to travelers. There is so much beauty in Switzerland.

3. Perfect Weather

Switzerland has all-around weather suited for different activities. It is often believed that the weather in Switzerland has a unique mind of its own. The snow period can last up to 6 months on the mountaintop in certain seasons and might even feel chilly during summer. 

One thing of note about this beautiful country is that the outcome of the morning weather doesn’t determine the weather condition for the remainder of the day. It could rain in the morning and switch to warm weather before the end of the day. Switzerland’s climatic condition is greatly influenced by the nearby Atlantic. Generally, the weather condition of the country is mild.

As a result of the all-around weather condition of the country, tourism in the country is very high since both winter and summer seasons offer excellent places in the country to visit.

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4.    Happy Country

Switzerland is rated as one of the happiest countries in the world to live in. According to Happy Planet Index, the country ranks as the 24th happiest country in the world. The citizens of Switzerland are peaceful people who like to abstain from problems. The country is widely known for being a pacifist and always takes a neutral position to avoid conflicts.

5.    Multilingual

One unique thing of note in Switzerland is its diversity in language. The country has officially four recognized languages – German, French, Italian, and Romansh. Nevertheless, not all citizens can speak all four languages. The majority of the citizens speak Swiss-German also known as Schwiizertutsch. Other languages like Italian and Romansch are also spoken in the country but are not as common as immigrant-influenced languages in the country.

6.    Film Location

Switzerland is home to some of the most famous movies in the world. James Bond (Golden Eye) and Lord of the Rings Trilogy are some of the movies that have utilized the beauty of this country to thrill the world.

Thanks to its beautiful Alpine landscapes, lakes, and beautiful villages. All these beautiful natural features contribute to making it an ideal place to shoot movies. The all-around weather condition of this country adds uniqueness to its beauty that several movie producers would want to explore.

7.    Multicultural

Switzerland is a multicultural country with a majority of its culture emanating from neighboring countries on all borders. A trip to this country will expose you to several welcoming cultures that will captivate you. As an English-speaking foreigner in this country, you will find it very easy to navigate different regions as the English language is widely spoken in tourist areas.

The beautiful cultures of Switzerland are beautifully crafted and integrated into their arts which can be seen in over 600 museums in the country. The citizens of Switzerland uphold their culture with pride and value every aspect of their tradition.

8.    Healthy Lifestyle

Switzerland has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and the citizens of the country do their very best not to complicate their health. Generally, the swiss are known to live healthily. According to reports from the Federal Statistics Office, there has been a tremendous reduction in the alcohol intake of the swiss people over the past 25 years.

The swiss regardless of their meal choices, still find it very essential to engage in workout routines to remain healthy and fit for the day’s work.

9.    Excellent Educational System

Some of the best schools in the world are found in Switzerland. Compared to big countries like the USA and the UK, Switzerland stands as one of the best places to get a quality education at an affordable price

The country’s educational system is top-notch, with excellent teachers and a quality standard of teaching that is rarely rivaled across the world. 

Again, students get the opportunity to interact with different people from different cultures and get to learn different languages given that the country is multilingual.