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Things You Need To Know About Working In Canada

Things You Need To Know About Working In Canada

Canada is one of the biggest economic hubs in the world today. The country is thriving with a lot of advancement in different sectors. There are several job opportunities available in various fields across the country.

Every year, immigrants travel to this country in search of greener pastures or to further enhance their skills. Canada is the right place to pursue your career and secure a high-paying job. The salaries are excellent, and the quality of life is among the best in the world. The country stands as one of the best countries to immigrate to in the world.

Canadians are very hardworking people, dedicated to ensuring their set goals are achieved for the day. If you have competent skills that you would like to share with this country, then you are on the right path. You will enjoy your every stay in this country because the people are very accommodating and there is no discrimination of any race.


Below are some of the facts you need to know about working in Canada before you immigrate to the country.


Facts About Working In Canada

  • Demand For Highly Educated People

Companies in Canada are looking for qualified and competent individuals who will contribute positively to the already thriving economy of the nation. The citizens of Canada are highly educated, over 56% of the country’s adult population have had tertiary education of some form. The country has a general literacy rate of 99%, that's incredible! So, it is only common that employers will look out for people of similar qualities to assist them in growing their companies.

Canada has a lot of immigration programs that will assist individuals with the right qualifications and skills to immigrate to the country. The Provincial Nominee Program is one of the programs designed to assist foreign workers to immigrate to the country. applicants can explore such programs.


  • Graduates Are Connected To Their Dream Careers/Jobs

The Canadian government has come up with a lot of different programs to enable graduates, both local and international students, to gain access to their dream jobs. Programs like the Post Graduate Work Permit are designed to help qualified and eligible graduates work in the country for 3 years after graduation.

This has helped over 93% of graduates in the country to land their dream jobs in reputable firms across the country.


  • Tech Experts Are Highly Sought After

There are several jobs in Canada that are in demand, but IT companies in the country are rapidly growing giving rise to an increase in demand for tech experts. There are over 41,000 tech companies to choose a convenient job type from.

Provinces like British Columbia and Ontario have developed special tech programs to lure highly skilled tech professionals from across the world to the country. in the Waterloo region alone, over 2,500 tech jobs are available for competent professionals.


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  • A Boom In The Video Game Industry

If you are very good with animation and other gaming operations, then you need to explore your chances in Canada. The video game sector of the country is booming, it has since grown to be worth over $ 4.5 billion making it one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. Right now, this sector has over 48,000 workers earning an annual salary worth double the average national salary.


  • Payment Schedule

The payment style in Canada is quite different from most countries as you will find when you start working there. You get paid bi-weekly, that is you receive your payment twice a month. It is generally arranged for the first half of the payment to be made at the beginning of the month, and the second half to be deposited two weeks later.

  • Casual Friday

Putting on casual clothes to work in Canada is gradually becoming an accepted fact by employers. Fridays are specifically for casual clothes, but lately it is fast becoming everyday wear. Note that the formal dress code to work has not entirely disappeared, employers believe that casual clothes make employees feel more relaxed.


  • Lunch Breaks

Lunch breaks in Canada are usually short compared to other countries. The country is dedicated and hardworking, so much importance is not placed on lunch breaks. According to company policies in Canada, the allocated time for lunch breaks is 30 minutes whereas in other countries it is up to an hour.

Again, these lunch breaks are usually broken into two – 15 minutes for each break. This is to allow grab a quick lunch and stretch your legs and body before going back to work.


  • Improve Your Language Skills

Canada is a multicultural country with diverse languages spoken commonly amongst immigrants. But the country has two main official languages – English language and French.

Many companies employ people who can speak both or at least one of the languages. If you desire to work and live in Canada, then you should work on r language skills. This will give you a better edge over your competitors.

In order to assist skilled workers from around the world in finding work in Canada, the Canadian government has developed a number of immigration programs. There is a high demand for workers in IT, nursing, farming, transport, welding, engineering, and so on. Also, the annual salary of these jobs is excellent. Applicants should explore this opportunity.

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