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9 Steps To Land Jobs In Canada

9 Steps To Land A Job In Canada

Are you thinking of how to land a job in Canada but do not know how to go about it? This article is for you.

Canada is a beautiful country with a stable economy and high tolerance for foreigners. The government of Canada has developed different special programs to assist foreigners to get a comfortable life and high-paying jobs in the country. You can explore any of the options available to land a job in the country.

With programs such as the Federal Skilled Workers Program, it has become a lot easier for one to immigrate to Canada as a worker looking for greener pastures. Nevertheless, there are certain skills, educational qualifications, and steps you must take to boost your chances of landing a job through any of these programs. 


Below are some steps to adopt for you to secure your dream job in Canada.

Steps To Land Your Dream Job In Canada

1.    Topnotch CV

The first step to landing a job in Canada starts with how detailed and well-organized your resume is. There is a recommended CV format for jobs in Canada, ensure to go through it before sending your resume to employers in Canada. Focus on your personal or team achievements rather than duties carried out when preparing your CV, this will give you an edge over others. Failure to adhere to the stipulated Canadian CV preparation guide could hinder your chances of advancing to the next phase.

Remember that your CV is your first entry for the job, make it count. Also, prep yourself ahead in case you are invited for an interview.

2.    Be Selective

Desperation for a better life abroad can kick in sometimes but try to control this urge. Canada has a network of job owners that interact often to get the best for their respective companies. You might come across different Canadian job adverts online and quickly send your resume to all without reviewing it. Always resist the urge to apply to different job openings with the same resume and cover letter.

Be selective, and stick to jobs that suit your qualifications and experience. Tailor your resume to show your qualification and competence for the job. Don’t be in a haste to send your CV to every job offer online without doing your research about them first. Some effective ways of distributing your resume include cold calling, networking, and undertaking some informational interviews.

3.    Be Enthusiastic

Being passionate and zealous when seeking a job in Canada can earn you a swift recommendation. Don’t just stop at submitting your CV to them, call to follow up on your application after a week of submitting your CV. This will show that you are very enthusiastic about the job.

Thank-you emails after a successful interview can come in handy too. simple gestures of appreciation and interest could be all you need to stand out among other applicants.

4.    Get Good References

Employers often reach out to provided referees to gain information about your person and ability to do certain things. It is best to get strong referees that are reliable and effective. This way your chances of employment will increase.

Referees play important roles in determining your fate for jobs, especially when the job is abroad. try to get recommendation letters from your previous company in your home country or any country you have worked in previously. Presenting your previous employers as your referees boost your employment chances better.

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5.    Explore Social Platforms

Most employment offers are posted online first by reputable companies. There are several social media platforms like LinkedIn that you can explore to get more details about a job.

Recruiters and employers in Canada very often use this platform to reach out to job applicants across the world. If you are yet to set up your profile on the platform, you should do that as there are abundant job offers on the platform.

6.    Learn To Network

Networking is a way of expanding your circle of friends or contacts. You get to meet professionals and people with the same dreams and goals as you. This gives you room to stay updated on the latest happenings in your field of interest.

Not all Canadian jobs are posted online or made public. There might be in-house recruitment that will only get to your notice based on your network. So, don’t just sit at home and expect everything to come to you. Get working and mingle with people of similar interests to boost your chances of employment in Canada.

Share your dream job among your contact, this will enable them to be on the lookout in case a job comes along.

7.    Be Appreciative

Job hunting abroad can be quite tasking. Canada is a very big country and different job opportunities are scattered across the country. Be appreciative of everyone who offers to help you get a job in Canada. An attitude of appreciation encourages helpers to keep up the good task.

There might be delays, but don’t let them frustrate you or get in your way of dealing with people. Always remember to send a thank you email or put a call across to thank whoever is helping, little things like this can do the magic.

8.    Get Accredited

Certain job types might require you to get accredited before you can be allowed to work in Canada. Jobs like teaching, nursing, physiotherapy, and engineering among others will require you to get accredited before you can practice in Canada.

The process of accreditation can takes some time, so prepare yourself for the best. Do not for any reason neglect the accreditation process and rules, you will only end up jeopardizing your chances of working in Canada.

9.    Exhume Confidence

You need confidence to excel in any job type, whether in your home country or abroad. Canada has a strong affinity for confident people.

Moving to a new country can indeed be quite exhausting, but you need to keep your guard up and exhume confidence. Believe in yourself all the time and always show how competent and effective you are in handling projects. 

If you are having issues with how to build your confidence, talk to professionals and see relevant videos to help you with that. The TED Talk is a good place to start.


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