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8 Jobs Abroad That Requires No Experience For You To Work

8 Jobs Abroad That Requires No Experience For You To Work

Are you looking to go abroad in search of greener pastures, but don’t know how to go about it yet? There are various options that you could explore but the very best comes from securing a job abroad before departing your home country.

Having a job abroad helps you offset certain bills while living there. There are several high-paying jobs overseas although most would require that you have all the necessary qualifications and work experience. Nevertheless, there are very interesting jobs that you can take up abroad that can cover all your living expenses.


Some of these jobs you will find to be volunteer jobs while some are paid positions. Volunteer jobs come with a lot of benefits too, you stand the opportunity of getting free accommodation and sometimes free meals depending on the job description. This is a great way to start while staying abroad.

Abroad Jobs With Little To No Job Experience

1. Superyacht Worker

Securing a job as a superyacht worker abroad is one job that opens multiple doors of opportunities for you. You get to travel the world, connect with different people and build a stable network of friends that will come in handy in the nearest future.

This job position pays very well for a job requiring no work experience. For you to be hired as a superyacht worker, you will have to undergo some training to meet the requirements. This will take some dedication and investment from your end. First, you need to obtain STCW and ENG 1 certificates which confirm that you can work at sea.

There is nothing to bother much about as these certificates can be obtained in less than a week and you are free to apply for any yacht job available.

2.    English Teacher

Teachers are highly sought after in different parts of the world. The internet has made things a lot easier for teaching and learning. As a teacher, you can affiliate with reputable teaching platforms online and boost your chances of going abroad. 

The English language is fast becoming the most commonly spoken language in the world. Most people across the world are eager to improve their English language skills. Teaching the English language is one job type that does not necessarily need an experience in teaching, although it can be helpful in some situations. The basic requirements from some of these online teaching platforms for English teachers are that you pass a few basic teaching tests and prove that the English Language is your mother tongue.

One very interesting thing about this job is its flexibility. You can design your teaching routines to suit your plans. 

3.    House/Pet Sitting

House/pet sitting is one job abroad that doesn’t come with great pay, but it provides you the opportunity to interact and build a strong social network with your clients. The job also comes with a great itinerary, you get to choose where you want to travel and what house or pet to sit in.

The job fee is not very interesting and varies based on the duration of stay, but you get free accommodation and meals most times. This is one way of taking care of some of your travel bills and other accrued expenses abroad.

It is important to note that this job is very flexible, it allows you to do other jobs to boost your finance.

4.    Aupair

Aupair is another great job opportunity to travel abroad. If you like kids and indoor life, you will find this job very interesting. As an Aupair, you get to pick the country you want, the house, the number of kids as well as the working hours.

In most cases, you are given accommodation to give you closer access to your job. The salary for Aupairs varies based on location and job type. But it is enough to see you offset most bills abroad, especially with your accommodation bills largely taken care of.

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5.     Volunteering

Volunteering jobs are a no-experience type of job abroad. There is no form of payment attached to this job type as the primary aim is to give back to communities for their efforts. There are so many volunteer jobs available in countries like Canada, Australia, the USA, and the UK.

You won’t earn money from this job, but you will be provided with accommodation and oftentimes free meals. It is one way to kickstart your dreams abroad while you work your way up.

As earlier established, there are so many volunteer jobs across the world, all you need to do is find a country that meets your goals and apply. No job experience is needed for this type of job, everyone within the age range is employable.

6.    Ski Resort

This job type is excellent for outdoor people. Many ski resorts around the world are always looking for eligible workers to occupy certain hospitality positions in their facilities.

Although the job type varies depending on your area of expertise or know-how. You can work in restaurants, give ski or snowboarding tutorials, or even take the role of a lift operator. These job types require little to no experience to competently execute them.

Most ski resorts might sponsor your work permit and help you obtain it. This is one good job with excellent pay that one should look out for.

7. Become A Blogger

Becoming a blogger is not a quick scheme to make money while living abroad. The process can be time-consuming and requires a lot of dedication and commitment. But the rewards afterward are enormous.

Being a blogger abroad remains one way to make money and live comfortably provided you are ready to do all that is required to keep it running. There are so many things to blog about as there is always a fanbase ready to listen.

Most blogs are passion-driven, choose that which interests you and build on it. This job allows you a lot of free time to indulge in other activities as you are the pioneer of all the activities, so you are free to make all necessary adjustments to suit your schedule. 

8.    Freelancer

As a freelancer, you are open to different kinds of jobs, especially if you are into the tech system. If you are very competent in certain computer skills chances are that you will land high-paying jobs abroad through freelancing.

Jobs like content writing, SEO, graphic design, copywriting and similar projects are some of the high-paying jobs under this job type.

Freelancing jobs require little to no experience, although they can be useful in convincing potential clients. It is very flexible since you get to provide what is comfortable for you during job negotiation.

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