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15 Most Sought-After Jobs In Canada

15 Most Sought-After Jobs In Canada

Canada is one of the top countries in the world with an excellent stable economy. If you want to pursue a career abroad or a high-paying job, then you must look out for opportunities in Canada. Canada has a lot of job opportunities for foreigners ranging from skilled to unskilled job types. The labor shortages in Canada have led to an increase in demand for competent and qualified workers throughout the country. 

Canada is an accommodating country with a very high tolerance for foreigners. Every year thousands of foreigners immigrate to Canada in search of greener pastures. There are several job types suitable for everyone although not all are highly sought after. The most in-demand jobs include jobs for truck drivers, welders, receptionists, construction workers, and project managers among many others.


There is nothing much to worry about securing a job in Canada as there is an abundance of jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers. Again, the government of Canada has made it so much easier to immigrate to the country using different immigration categories. So, all you need to do is be on the lookout for a job type that suits you.

 Below are the top 15 jobs that are highly sought after in Canada.

High In-Demand Jobs In Canada

1.    Key Sales Account Manager

Key account managers are sales professionals who help companies and organizations involved in commercial, industrial, institutional, e-businesses, and sales to plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate such activities.

They are very integral to the growth of businesses. Their ability to navigate and close deals help companies keep their most important and profitable clients during tough times. These kinds of workers are in high demand in Canada as companies are looking to secure deals after the effect of the global pandemic.

Key sales account managers in Canada earn an average annual salary of about $97,500.

2.    Software Developers

Software developers are in high demand throughout the country given the rise in IT companies across the country. Software developers are tasked with writing, modifying, upgrading, integrating, and testing computer programs, communication software, data processing applications, and computer operating systems.

This is a type of job that is needed by all-size companies because they are looking to put out applications that can help maintain their customer-client relations or at least meet the need of their customers on the go.

As a skilled software developer in Canada, you will likely get a high-paying job without much stress as they are in high demand. The average annual salary of Software developers in Canada is $75,000.

3.    Marketing Manager 

An estimated 19,000 increase in marketing, public relations, and advertising jobs within the next six years. Being able to market products to people is one of the skills that companies across Canada are looking to have. Many companies in Canada are on the lookout for competent marketing persons who can help them market their products and services.

Marketing managers just like key account managers help establishments to plan, organize, direct, control, and evaluate different marketing strategies and plans centered around promoting the sales of a company’s product to the public. The only difference is that key accountant managers are given a specific product to promote.

Marketing managers employ the services of both online and offline platforms to promote sales and help companies navigate through complex marketing structures.

The average annual salary of a marketing manager in Canada is about $84,000.

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4.    Registered Nurses

Registered nurses are highly needed in medical facilities across Canada. With the effect of the global pandemic that has created a huge loss across the world and forced many healthcare personnel to leave their jobs given the need for mandatory vaccination, the demand for registered nurses has since grown throughout the country.

Registered nurses and psychiatric nurses help in maintaining a stable healthcare system. they care for, educate, and provide consultative services to patients according to their needs or issues. It is important to state that you need to meet all the requirements of a registered nurse in Canada before you can practice.

The average annual salary of a registered nurse in Canada is $78,00.

5.    Delivery Truck Drivers

There are so many companies in Canada looking for truck drivers to help them distribute goods to their customers across the country. The fascinating thing about this job is that whether you have the credentials or not, with your experience in driving, you can land the job.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, it was difficult for most people to receive their supplies due to some government restrictions. To make up for this, companies are in search of truck drivers who can readily dispatch ordered goods to their customers.

Truck drivers in Canada earn an average annual salary of $ 33,000.

6. Customer Care Representative

These are people who act as the representative of the company to customers who call to get information. They are professionals trained to attend to customers by providing answers to their inquiries about any confusing issues concerning the company’s policy.

With the gradual recovery from the global pandemic, it is evident that service-sector business will grow giving rise to the need for customer care representatives. Customers will want to reach out to businesses to enquire about certain products and services, they expect to speak to a representative who is willing and able to assist them.

The average annual salary of customer care representatives in Canada is $37,000.

7.    Welder

Welders are in high demand across Canada. There seems to be an increase in demand every passing day given the number of constructions going on in the country.

Ottawa expects 23,000 welding jobs to be opened nationwide in the coming years. These artisans are employed by companies that make steel and plate designs, boilers, heavy machinery, aircraft and ships, and other metal equipment as well as contractors and retailers.

Welders in Canada make an average annual salary of $ 49,725.

8.    Engineer

Competent and qualified engineers are in high demand throughout Canada. Big companies are utilizing every strategy possible to lure engineers from different parts of the world to the country.

Engineers help to plan, design, develop and execute projects ranging from construction or maintenance of buildings, earth structures, roads, railways, airports, tunnels, bridges, and other relevant services like water distribution, sanitation, and transportation needed to make life easy and comfortable.

All qualified engineers are welcome to pursue their careers in Canada as there is an abundance of job opportunities in the country.

The average annual salary of engineers in Canada is $80,000.

9.    Accountant

Accountants are very important to the growth of any firm. These professionals help to manage the finances of companies to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Charted Professional Accountants and experienced professional accountants are in high demand across the country. People in this field will readily land a job in Canada.

The average annual salary of accountants in Canada is $70,000.

10.     IT - Cloud Architect

Many companies in Canada since after the pandemic are looking to explore the cloud for the transfer and storage of vital company information. There has been a tremendous increase in the search for cloud architects by Canadian companies as it has proved that using the cloud for storing information is cost-effective and very convenient to use.

The door for cloud architects in Canada is wide open for qualified persons. Cloud architects in Canada earn an average annual salary of &80,000.

11.    Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers are professionals who are ready to supervise people, oversee the hiring process, and sometimes dismiss employees.

The employment market in Canada is booming as the country recovers from a global pandemic. This means that Canadian companies need leaders who are willing to undertake the responsibility of building a strong team to compete in the labor market by ensuring strict compliance with labor laws, increasing employee morale, and scaling up both staff and skills to support future growth.

The average annual salary of a Human resources manager in Canada is $97,000.

12.    Electrician

Electricity is very vital to the growth of any economy. Canada understands its need to maintain stable electricity for businesses to keep flourishing.

Reports have it that Ottawa expects Canada to suffer a shortage of 3,100 electricians, with 23,400 forecasted job openings and only 20,300 Canadians who are available to undertake this job. This is an opportunity foreign electricians should explore.

Whether you are a licensed electrician with loads of experience or a young school graduate in electrical engineering with limited experience, the chances are that there is a job available in Canada to meet your goals.

An electrician in Canada can make an average annual salary of $58,500.

13.    IT Project Managers

Technology managers design and oversee the implementation of information technology projects and help their company or organization in the use of technology to ensure continuous improvement and delivery. 

Oftentimes, Tech companies hire IT project managers to assist them in providing solutions to meet their customers’ needs. This is a very common job type across Canada. Companies and enterprises of various sizes offer this position on a permanent or contract basis. These types of positions are listed in both permanent and contract options by various companies and enterprises.

IT managers earn an average of $ 103,00 annually.

14.    Mechanical Engineers

These professionals research, develop and manufacture systems and systems for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, power generation, transportation, manufacturing, and manufacturing.

The number of mechanical engineers in Canada is not enough to meet the increasing needs across the country. With the right qualification and experience, it is very easy to land a job as a mechanical engineer.

The average annual salary for a mechanical engineer in Canada is $ 81,900. Although workers in some parts of the country, such as Alberta and Newfoundland and Labrador might earn a bit higher.

15.    Veterinarians (Vets)

Canadians are very fond of their pets and are in search of competent veterinarians that can provide adequate medical care for their pets when the need arises. This is one of the most sought-after jobs in the country as there is a shortage of hands in that department.

Veterinarians in Canada are expected to possess a degree in Veterinary Medicine and an authorized license from the regulatory body within the province they intend to work. These documents permit you to work legally in the country alongside your work permit.

The average annual salary of a veterinarian in Canada is $96,000 plus other benefits attached.

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